Rob Schneider Says He Knows What Killed Robin Williams, And It Wasn’t Depression

Rob Schneider has an opinion about the awful Robin Williams suicide that happened early last week. It’s not about depression, it’s not about religion, and it’s not even really about Robin Williams (to an extent). It’s aimed at the pharmaceutical drug companies that create medication for patients, or in Williams’ case taking medication to aid Parkinson’s Disease relief. After the actor’s death had millions of people asking why, Williams’ wife broke the news that Robin Williams had been suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s, and Rob Schneider blames his medication for leading him to such a dark path.

I’m not going to even begin to act like I know anything about prescription medications, especially regarding someone who was undergoing Parkinson’s Disease treatments. But I do know that I’ve seen on multiple occasions those medical ads where it shows a woman longingly gazing through her window only to take some special medication that will allow her to have tea with her friends in slow motion. A side effect of said medication could possibly be suicidal thoughts. Yikes. Pretty heavy side effect for trying to feel better if you ask me. So maybe Schneider has a point about his claims. But then again, my example was from some random commercial, so hopefully he has some other proof in mind.

What do you think? Does Rob Schneider have a valid point or should he just stick to doing Sandler movies.

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