WATCH: Rob Ford's Press Conference Shows Post-Rehab Weight Loss

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jul. 01, 2014

He's back! A Happy Candada Day indeed! I think.

Rob Ford made a valiant return from rehab at the Greenstone Residential Addiction Facility to host a press conference in Canada yesterday looking a little thinner and less bergundy than what we're used to seeing.  Here's the official release on this momentous occasion for our northern neighbors.

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford ended two months of self-imposed exile Monday when he returned to City Hall from a stint in rehab to resume what mayoral duties he still has, apologizing for his past offensive behaviour, pleading for a second chance, and promising an "unwavering" commitment to living clean.

But judge for yourself.  The guy is a politicial afterall.  Here's footage from his speech where he was able to keep the sweating under control, which is already a good sign.

At least he's finally admitting his issues, but not everyone is ready to welcome Ford back to office. John Tory, one of Ford's rival candidates for mayor, thought Ford's speech was "massively embarassing" and think he should resign.

Despite Ford's positive words in his speech, the guy continues to be a punchline for most. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live poked a little fun at Ford's expense saying how much weight he had lost.  The thumbnail to the bit says it all. 


So what do you guys think? Will Rob Ford stick to the road of recovery or eventually fall off the wagon? At this point, even if he becomes the best Mayor in the world, the stank of his crack smokin' days will always be remembered.

But at least he'll be in good company for the "We Remember Nothing Else Other Than You Smoking Crack" club, much like the dad from ALF who was caught smoking in a crack house.

Happy Canada Day, everyone! @Todd_Spence

Rick_S User

Ladies and gentlemen of Canada, I present your next Prime Minister, Rob Ford!

RiotSt4rt3r UserTop Commenter

Most people end up in prison for the rest of their lives for being involved with crack. Canada gives Rob Ford his job back.

Rustikle User

Rob Ford - The red headed step child of Canada

Mike-Emmons-39 UserTop Commenter

doug and rob ford, cuz clown shoes come in pairs.

Rick_S User

@RiotSt4rt3r Technically, he never lost his job.  There isn't the legal process to do that, apparently.