Ritz Carlton Hotel Creates Life -Sized Gingerbread House You Can Eat In

For today in “Hey That’s Pretty Sweet!” we go to Marana, Arizona. While Arizona is not known to get a lot of snow, some folks at the Marana Ritz Carlton hotel sure know how to get in the holiday spirit. That is where they have concocted a life sized gingerbread house confection that guests can actually dine in. I’m super glad to see that the witch from “Hansel and Gretel” finally got her culinary arts degree.

Looks like someone had a door appetizer.

  • Having opened at the beginning of December, Ritz Carlton pastry chefs led by chef Daniel Mangione created the 19 foot tall home fit for any gingerbread man.
  • It is free for hotel guests to walk through the giant gingerbread house, but for a fee of $150 up to six people can actually eat inside of it (price of food and drinks not included.)
  • Someone call Jimmy Carter, we’ve got a new mission for “Habitat for Gingerbread.”
  • While it sounds silly this whole idea wasn’t just half baked. The pastry crew began construction on the project way back in June, laying some serious bricks each day.
  • Gingerbread engineers ordered 200 pounds of ginger powder, 400 pounds of honey, 50 pounds of cinnamon and 10 pounds of nutmeg.
  • More than 4000 gingerbread “bricks” were used in the home’s construction.
  • I tried to get a quote but was hung up on when I called about getting homeowners insurance on a gingerbread house.
  • It took four days of work to tile the exterior.
  • The windows and doors are framed with candy canes.
  • Each tile has a unique pattern of gumdrops and peppermints.
  • Sadly for any young Gingerbread family looking to move in, the hotel will be decommissioning the house this week, after the New Year.
  • Not sure if current policies cover water damage, fire, earthquake and “children nibbling on your foundation.”
  • Luckily Chef Mangione says that this potential structural disaster has not been an issue so far: “Parents are very good about controlling their kids,” Mangione said. “We haven’t had any major loss of tile.”
  • For insulation on the home do they use Fluffernutter or just stuff cotton candy between the walls just like they did in my parent’s house? I used to eat that “wall cotton candy” all the time when I was a kid. Delicious.

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Source: Yahoo