This Brazilian Street Cleaner Is So Hot She’s Getting Modeling Contract Offers

Celebrities use social media to really promote their brands, products and overall status gaining millions of followers but it seems the “common people” in this world are starting to use it for their own advantage as well. One woman in particular has started gaining followers based on her obvious talents of wearing a bikini, heels and booty shorts but there’s another side of 23-year-old Rita Mattos that separates her from the usual social media hotties. She’s actually a street sweeper in Brazil, usually donning an orange jumpsuit by day cleaning up garbage in 12 hour shifts starting at 4:30AM. Oof.

Now it looks as though things are changing for Mattos who is beginning to get modeling contract offers. Curious if we’ll see her promoting Hefty trash bags thanks to her work resume.

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At first Mattos was annoyed at her sudden surge in WhatsApp followers, stating that it’s as if no one had seen a pair of boobs and legs before but now she’s thinking of just accepting her sudden “fame” and try her hand at modeling for a change. And who can blame her, she’s a damn street sweeper at 23.

“A lot of friends have congratulated me and told me I deserve this recognition. I’ve always dreamed of being a model, but I also don’t want to build up my hopes.”

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Now with the nickname “Sweeper Babe“, she says she at first thought people were criticizing her for her pictures but realized they’re actually fans leaving encouraging remarks.

Of course people might be more amazed at the fact that someone at all attractive would ever be a street sweeper but hey, good for her for not being a princess and okay with getting her hands dirty to make ends meet. Rare you’d ever see that in the US. God knows Kim Kardashian didn’t get her start as a janitor.