R.I.P. Space Frog

NASA has released an image from last week’s LADEE rocket launch and it is chilling. In the image, you can see a frog flying through the air. This is Donald Reginold Williams II and he is now dead.

Some are calling him “Space Frog,” which is a pretty cool nickname even though he is super dead now. Space Frog was born June 9, 2010 to Donald Reginold Williams and Kathy Baker and was one of 146 siblings. Space Frog graduated high school in 2011 and earned his PhD in Astrophysics from Pond University at the beginning of 2013.

Always a dreamer, Space Frog wanted to go to the moon and the LADEE rocket was his ticket. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer is a robot mission on its way to the moon to gather information about its surface and dust.

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Space Frog with his kids shortly after their birth.

Space Frog’s wife, Barbara Williams, didn’t want him to go due to “being a f**king frog.” Space Frog told her that it was his dream and how could he look at his kids in the eyes and tell them to follow their dreams if he doesn’t follow his?

Space Frog is survived by 176 children.

The moral of the story is to follow your dreams, but don’t be stupid about it.

– Mark (follow my wisdom on Twitter)