Rihannaing: A Meme We Can Get Behind

Generally speaking, memes are awful but if your meme is based on Rihanna not wearing pants well then, that's different.  So we're lucky Rihanna took the time out of her busy day to pose wearing a hockey jersey and no pants so Rihannaing could be born and others could pose for these pics!

1. The Original

2. Legs

3. Throwback

This chick is a Rihannaing hipster, she was doing it in 2011.

4. The Cleavage Shot

5. The Down Low Shot

6. The Selfie

Extra credit for using a real camera instead of a cell phone.

7. The Pose

8. Nuggets

9. Dude, No

Just because a dude can do this doesn't mean he should.

10. Logic Bomb