80’s Rocker Just Revealed He Has A Role In ‘True Detective’ Season 2

Don’t ask me why, but I follow Rick Springfield on twitter. I just do, okay? Actually, it’s because I saw him perform with the Foo Fighters in concert which was easily the best part of the show, which then turned me into a semi-fan.

But what I’m more a fan of is HBO’s True Detective. It was easily one of my favorite shows from this year and I’ve been anxiously awaiting new updates for the 2nd season, when earlier I saw Springfield tweet a message. I think it caught my eye because I saw “True Detective“. Then I noticed “Season 2”. Then I noticed “1st day of shooting”. Um, pardon?

Heres the tweet Springfield sent out.

Ummmm, what??

Two things: No one knew the show had already started shooting (to my knowledge) and also Springfield notes it was his first day of shooting. As in, he has more to shoot in whatever role he’s playing. This makes me think it must be some meaty role here.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t mind Springfield as an actor. He’s solid enough in 1984’s Hard to Hold and is one of my favorite parts of Dave Grohl’s Sound City documentary. But True Detective Season 2?

I could spend all day speculating what role he’ll be playing, but the truth of the matter is no one has a clue. I just know it actually makes me more interested in the show’s 2nd season, and what it has up its sleeve. I just hope he’s not doing the theme song.

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source: Twitter