Richard Sherman: NFL's Greatest Troll

ButtHurt by ButtHurt on Oct. 02, 2013

NFL fans know Richard Sherman as a star cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks. Since his rookie year in 2011, Sherman has become one of the most feared defensive players in the NFL. But even those of you who have never watched a football game should be interested in Follow Channel's new series chronicling his off-field antics. Why? Because Richard Sherman is a smack-talk extraordinaire.

Aside from his impressive stats on the field, Sherman is better known for his ability to get under people’s skin (not unlike some commenters). But unlike many would-be smack talkers (and some commenters), Sherman has the skills and the sense of humor to back it up.

Need proof? Keep reading. And while you’re at it, check out the first episode of Sherman’s new series.

Tom Brady: U Mad Bro?

While playing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots last season, Sherman found himself exchanging pleasantries with the star quarterback. At one point, Brady smugly told Sherman he should come back and see him after the game once the Patriots had won. Unfortunately for Brady, it didn’t work out that way, and the Seahawks’ victory proved to be the perfect opportunity for Sherman to be Sherman. After hunting Brady down and rubbing his face in the loss, he posted this “u mad bro?” pic to his Twitter account.

Optimus Prime vs. Megatron

For those of you who aren’t dialed into the NFL, Detroit Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson goes by the nickname Megatron. A teammate came up with the name because he thought Johnson’s large hands resembled those of the Transformers villain.

So last year when the Seahawks were gearing up to play Detroit, Sherman decided to fight fire with fire by changing his Twitter handle to Optimus Prime, Megatron’s arch nemesis. Granted, Megatron ended up having the last laugh when Detroit won the game. But Sherman ended up with a cool consolation prize in the form of a telephone call from Peter Cullen, the voice actor who plays Optimus Prime in the Transformers films. More than meets the eye.

Twitter Feud With Darrelle Revis

Twitter is only good for one thing: watching people fight. And when it comes to fights, Richard Sherman is happy to oblige. Last February, Sherman got into it with fellow cornerback Darrelle Revis, claiming that his seasonal stats were comparable to Revis’ career numbers. Sherman’s willingness to mix things up with one of the most respected cornerbacks in the league is somewhat impressive. But at the end of the day, they’re still fighting on Twitter like a couple of high school girls. That said, at least the exchange helped pave the way for this next act of top-notch trolling.

Skip Bayless Smack Down


While appearing on ESPN’s First Take, Sherman wasted no time in going for the jugular of commentator Skip Bayless. When Bayless began asking questions about the previously mentioned Twitter feud with Darrelle Revis, Sherman decided the best course of action was more trash talk. Describing Bayless as "ignorant, pompous, and egotistical," Sherman went as far as to claim that he was "better at life" than Bayless, which might be true considering Bayless is a grown man who goes by “Skip.”

Trent Williams’s Snaps

If Richard Sherman’s goal is to get under people’s skin, mission accomplished. After this game between the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks, Redskins’ offensive tackle Trent Williams walked up to Sherman, threatened to punch him in the face, and then quickly followed through with the threat. Normally, I’m all for watching a trash talker get smacked down, but in this case, I can’t help but feel Williams was in the wrong. It’s one thing to punch a guy who is talking smack. But it’s another to do so while wearing a football helmet. Poor form. Advantage: Sherman.

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THEDingle User

Good ball player but an asshole in general.

Robert-Farr-114 User

Roddy White had five receptions for 76 yards and beat Sherman for a 47-yard touchdown in the second quarter of the Falcons' thrilling 30-28 win over the Seahawks in the 2012 divisional playoffs. Sherman gave him a sarcastic golf clap as he slowly walked away from White and other Falcons who were celebrating the touchdown.

Paul_UK78 User

Do you get people that put shuttles up in space acting like that? Do you get Doctors saving lives acting like that? NO, this guy comes across like a dick, he maybe good at what he does but so are a lot of people and they don't act like this guy, a dick.

llga01 User

needs a haircut

THX-1138 User

What is it they say?  Haters gonna hate?  The deal is, Richard Sherman's mouth doesn't write any checks that his on field play can't cash.  His numbers ARE better than Revis'.  He DID help the Seahawks win against future HOF'er Brady.  He DOES have more interceptions in the past two years than any other corner in the league.  He DID graduate from Stanford.  And he does a TON of charitable work in both the Seattle and Compton areas.  His game is to rattle the opponents cage, which he does with ease.  GO HAWKS!

The-Langolier User

What many people do, is to use the slang "troll", or "trolling" in the worng way. Break staff does this as well, of course. Smack talking and acting generally dickish is not trolling. To troll someone, you must have a motive to fool someone in some way. 24 Years of age, and what a cunt he seems to be.

PhilHaney moderator User

What's worse than trash talking are the guys who do the increasingly loud clap in my ear while watching football.

My-2-Cents User

If your a trash talker you should always be ready for the Smack in the jaw. Clearly he wasn't.  I'm sure it won't be the last time they will dance...

Andulamb2 User

I suspect the Follow Channel (The what? Is that even a thing?) paid you to post this. Because otherwise I can't see any justification for it. Doesn't every NFL player talk smack? Doesn't every NFL player think he's God? I was looking forward to seeing him put Skip Bayless in his place, but it's such a poor effort that it was completely unsatisfying. He only succeeds in making himself sound like yet another childish athlete.

whiteboyawesome User

@THX-1138 He should be a walking adderall add. If this dickhead wasn't on your team, you would hate him.  Just because hes a lock down corner back doesn't make him any less of a douche.  Talk shit to Brady when you actually make it to the super bowl kid.  No one will ever give him respect he deserves because he is too busy being a loudmouth arrogant douche off the field instead of letting his play on the field speak for itself. GO NINERS!!

Break Robot
Break Robot moderator

@Andulamb2 Break Robot wasn't paid anything by the Follow Channel but was promised some sexy robo-ladies. I'm still waiting...

MitchB-R-KBoss User

@Andulamb2 sounds like someone is hating on the Seahawks.  Really though, Richard Sherman is pretty well known for talking smack.  He put that douche Harbaugh in his place and showed Revis who's boss.  That said, GO PACK!!!