Biologist Richard Dawkins And Others Say That Texas Teen’s Clock Is A Fraud

While you and the rest of America jumped to the aid of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old in Texas who was arrested for bringing a “bomb” to school which was actually a clock he created from scratch, biologist Richard Dawkins was diagnosing the facts. Sure, it was good to call out that school for mis-treating one of their clearly brighter students but was this kid really all that unique? Well, Richard Dawkins is here to burst your bubble to let you know that Ahmed the whiz kid is really just a fraud.

Dawkins took to his Twitter to add some real science to the hooplah that occured last week, informing anyone that would listen to logic that all Ahmed did was just take a clock apart and put the pieces in a box. Literally…that’s all.

Ahmed didn’t at all correct anyone, let alone the President, who thought his clock was a pretty amazing invention made by a teenager and why would he? If I brought a case full of parts and called it a time machine with everyone patting me on the back, I might go with it too!

Dawkins isn’t the first however to point out that Ahmed’s invention is really no invention at all. People are actually uploading videos to youtube to point out how Ahmed’s clock is nothing but scrap shoved in a box.

Here’s Ahmed’s amazing clock below.

And here a youtuber shows you how Ahmed pulled off his brilliant invention.

But it’s all too late. Like everything else in social media, people are too quick to cheer on the underdog even though the underdog really did nothing special. So now Ahmed has a pretty sweet trip to the White House lined up as well as a crowdfunded education for Ahmed which has raised over $14,000 with a goal of $100,000 so far. *Facepalm.  This is what we deserve I guess for reacting way too quickly.

So next time you ever want to be called a brilliant inventor, take something that was already assembled, pull it apart, throw the parts in a box and get ready to collect your Nobel Prize.