Richard Branson Grants New Parents At Virgin One Year Paternity Leave Full Pay

Receiving two weeks off for both a new father and new mother seems pretty nice. But if you’re an employee of Richard Branson’s for his Virgin company, you’ll earn a whopping 12 months off WITH FULL PAY whether you’re the new father, mother or even if you’re just adopting! Branson being the brilliant bastard that he is, isn’t handing out this parental bonus to just any new parents working for Virgin. It’s mainly issued to anyone in managerial positions such as overarching investment and brand licensing, etc. Oh, and you have to also have worked for Virgin for four full years to receive it. But, if you’ve worked for Virgin for less than two years, you’re still getting 25% of their pay, but still receiving a full year off.

Pretty big news, but I guess if you consider Virgin is mainly stationed in London and Geneva, it makes sense. Sorry, Americans! Guess it’s just two weeks off for us and off to the expensive daycare they go.

Frankly, nothing in life has ever made me want to have kids, but getting an entire paid year off from work actually makes me want to endure the labor of parenting for once. I hope my kids like tea and crumpets for breakfast!