Rich Kid Sets Fire To Ferrari Father Bought Him So He Could Upgrade To New Model

Some people have way too much money; this isn’t an observation made from jealousy or hatred of those that are successful. This is an observation made from the story of a 20-year-old Swiss man who set a 458 Ferrari Italia on fire that his father had bought him in order to upgrade to the newer model; the 458 Ferrari Speciale. I mean, personally I think it’s understandable; who would be caught dead in the Italia? Blah! However, those of you reading this post while sitting in traffic in your 1997 Toyota Tercell feel free to punch the dashboard; not too hard though, you got make that thing last!

To add insult to crazy rich injury, the kid already owned 14 other luxury sports cars including a Lamborghini.  In addition to the car collection his wealthy father also gave him a monthly allowance of between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Wow that sure is a lot of washed dishes and taking out the garbage.

Still drivable? I’ll take it.

The young, unnamed man about town went to a dealership to have his car valued in order to trade it in for the upgrade. However they only valued the car at $193,500 which was not enough money to cover the new model. One of the Ferrari dealers suggested that he should destroy the car in order to get the insurance money which would be higher. Instead of asking his pops if he could mow the lawn a few more times to get some extra cash for the new car; he took the dealer’s bad advice and had it burned.  Damn kid, it’s not getting a new iPhone, it’s a Ferrari!

Would you commit insurance fraud for this?

So he recruited three friends and drove the car to Germany to be torched. While his friends set the expensive car aflame, the rich kid went to a massage parlor; to I assume light cigars with $100 bills whilst getting a happy ending.

Don’t worry; the 20-year-old sure will learn his lesson; he was sentenced to 22 months of probation and fined $33,000. Wow that’s a steep fine for attempted insurance fraud. Luckily that money can come out of his property portfolio worth an estimated $30 million dollars. Lesson learned!

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Source: Yahoo