After Abrams, This Guy Will Be Your Star Wars Episode 8 Director

And you thought getting Abrams was good.  Meet Rian Johnson.

He may not have the blockbuster clout that Abrams, Spielberg, or Bay may have, but that’s a good thing.  He’s one of the smartest directors the over-done Star Wars franchise could possibly get, so this is a brilliant move on their part.

Johnson whose first film was a Sundance hit titled Brick, a high school detective modern noir that broke him through to the indie-loving public.  His second film The Brothers Bloom, albeit a Wes Anderson-esque comedy, showed that he had chops as a comedy director.  I personally still wasn’t convinced until I saw his latest film Looper which if you haven’t seen, do yourself a favor and rent it tonight.  If anything says this guy can pull off a smart sci-fi movie, it’s that movie.  If you’re still not convinced, the guy also directed episode of Breaking Bad.  I hear that show is really good.

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So overall, I’m pretty excited.  Of course, the three films that Johnson has directed have been more independently funded so it’ll be interesting to see him take on a huge studio movie and not be completely void of any talent he can lend the franchise.

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