Rihanna Allegedly Caught On Video Snorting Cocaine Before Coachella Performance

No matter how skanky pop music can be nowadays, to be caught doing hard drugs can definitely be a big no-no for one’s career. Especially for someone like Rihanna who has various sponsorship deals like Nivea and Covergirl, not to mention her underage fans (and parents of said underage fans) that would like to think she’s not a degenerate doing drugs before hitting the stage. So it’s big news that Rihanna was allegedly caught on video snorting cocaine this past week before her set at Coachella, which then went viral today.

In the video, Rihanna is seen in her dressing room hanging out with some friendly looking folks while they dance to music. It’s clear she’s holding a thin white stick of some kind when the camera turns to catch a different part of the room. When it comes back, Rihanna is seen holding her nose, nodding her head to the music. Ummmm, yeah.

Check out the video below:

[[contentId: 2846032| | size: 100]]

It certainly doesn’t look like she sneezed right after using a white crayon. But hey, that’s just me.

Of course Rihanna is aware of the video and made this comment today regarding the person who placed it online. “N—- your lame ass got some f—— nerve!!! Any fool could see that’s a joint that I’m basing with cigarette! Who snorts tobacco??!! FOH witcho ‘never been to a rodeo so someone squeezing their nose means they’re doing coke’ lookin ass!!”

If I may, Rihanna, I don’t think anyone is accusing you of snorting tobacco here. Nor do any of us think one tends to hold their nose after smoking a joint. As for the rest of her explanation denying that it’s cocaine, I apparently need to take a class in Rihanna speech in order to decipher any of it. She lost me at “FOH witcho ‘never been to a rodeo….”

Regardless, she’s definitely in hot water over the video and I’m sure whomever is in her camp that took the video is already looking for a new job as we speak.

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