Boyband Member Collapses on Flight After Wearing All His Clothes at Once

There are many solutions to avoiding excess bag charges on flights. You can pack light or you can wear as many articles of clothing you have to avoid superfluous luggage and those pesky, pesky fees. That’s what one member of the boyband Rewind  did… and then he passed out while doing so.

So yes, boybands are still a thing and this one is named Rewind. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of them, you’re not alone.. In any case, the members of the five-piece man ensemble were heading from Essex to Glasgow. One of the boys, 19-year-old James McElvar, wanted to avoid a £45 (that’s about $70) charge for having too many bags, so he put on 12 layers of clothing — 12 LAYERS!

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Is that three pairs of pants in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?

“The woman said either one bag went in the hold or we weren’t getting on,” McElvar told The Sun. “The rest of the band had gone through so I couldn’t give them any of the clothes. I was told I’d either have to pay a £45 fee to get it on the plane, get the flight the next morning, bin the clothes or wear them.”

Here’s the roster of clothing he put on: six T-shirts, five sweaters, three pairs of jeans, two sweat pants, two jackets and two hats. There’s nothing sexier than a boyband member in layers and layers of clothing.

Eventually, McElvar “became violently ill and suffered a fit” with “an off-duty paramedic treat[ing] him as passengers looked on.” He said that he felt like he was going to have a heart attack. Luckily, he survived and the band Rewind will live on. They made sure to tweet the news to put their fans at ease.

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So happy that they are safe and sound. Now all the world will not be void of their awesome songs… whatever they are.