This Restaurant Wants To Give Yelp The Finger By Getting The Most 1-Star Reviews

Would you eat at Yelp’s most poorly reviewed restaurant? The co-owner of Botto Bistro in Richmond, CA, is betting that you will. In fact, he says becoming the worst reviewed restaurant is “the best business move (he’s) made in years.”

What would possess a business owner to want to carry such a distinction? As with most stories set in Italian restaurants, there’s bad blood that goes back for some time.

Problems started when Yelp made the bistro an offer they couldn’t refuse. Co-owner Davide Cerretini claims the popular review site was calling him as many as 20 times a week trying to sell him advertising space. Finally, the bistro agreed and paid for six months of advertising. Once they stopped, the positive reviews they’d been receiving turned negative, and in one case, a positive review vanished entirely — a classic shakedown.

But Botto isn’t taking this lying down. “I think I should be the one deciding if I’m on the site or not,” Cerretini said. “At least I can be there on my terms. The only power they have is they make you reliable to them. So, I’m going to be one of the most unreliable restaurants.”

In order to do so, he’s offering a 25% discount off any pizza to customers who give the restaurant a one-star review. It’s unclear if this will be a win for Botto Bisto in the long run. But it sure has made for some amusing reviews and made Yelp look like a jerk in the process.

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So it’s a loss for Yelp, and a win for the Internet. (Source)