Restaurant Gets Revenge By Posting A Picture Of The Family That Skipped The Bill

In Cardiff of Great Britain, a dapper looking family apparently either forgot to pay their tab or simply walked out on it. Either way, the restaurant Burger & Lobster decided to right the wrong by posting a photo of the group onto their facebook page which has almost 13,000 fans. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering the image and story has now gone viral since hitting the states, we can go ahead and rack that number up into the millions.

Here’s what Burger & Lobster wrote along with the photo of the guilty party:

Of course being a business, they have to give them the benefit of the doubt publicly even though for my money, I don’t know who simply “forgets” to pay for a meal. Especially when it’s a four person group and the inevitable “who’s paying” conversation comes around every…time. They also have that look that says if they didn’t like the service, they’re just simply not going to pay. Alright, maybe I’m not giving them a fair shake, but seriously. Who forgets to pay a tab!

Some of the photo’s commentors thought the restaurant went a little too far by shaming the group on Facebook while others actually agreed that they too have forgotten to pay a restaurant bill from time to time. Burger & Lobster has since taken down the photo from their page, but let this be a lesson to each and every one of you all the same; Don’t forget to pay your f*cking tab. They’re not serving you for the fun of it!

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source: Metro