Restaurant Fights; Not Just Because the Food is Bad

restaurant fight

For some odd reasons, fights happen in restaurants more often than they should. Eating is suppose to be enjoyable and restaurants should be a happy place where people can leave unpleasantness outside the door but for some reason, restaurant fights happen frequently enough that some lawyers write about restaurant liability on their blogs. It’s expected that fights are going to happen in a bar, after all, any time you mix alcohol and people, fighting can be a natural conclusion. But since restaurants also served alcohol, it’s probably unrealistic to think fights won’t happen. Regardless, restaurant fights certainly are dramatic, all that over-turning of tables and breaking of chairs and plates not to mention the waste of food. Perhaps that’s why there are so many restaurant fight movie scenes, Of course, fights in restaurants largely are due to the clientele that frequent the establishment and occur in all sorts of cuisines. Restaurant fights do seem more prevalent in fast food restaurants and more, shall we say, casual places like Denny’s. Fights can happen between a patron and the staff as demonstrated in the below video which shows you should never provoke a restaurant worker with a huge soup ladle:

However, we do advise against fighting restaurant personnel if they happen to be a bouncer who is ten times bigger than you.  Fights can also break out between the patrons themselves as recorded by the below surveillance video from a taco restaurant:

Nowadays, with smartphones, we no longer need to just rely on security video to witness the best in restaurant fights. Rest assure if a fight breaks out in a restaurant where you’re eating, you’ll be able to relive the whole experience all over again on the web.


A classic movie renowned for its violence and gunfire, Scarface sports several gun massacres and one particularly bloody gunbattle occurs in a club, which for our purposes here, can also be defined as a restaurant.

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A classic restaurant fight scene happens in the film version of Bridget Jones’ Diary in which Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) and Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) start fighting in the street and wind up crashing through a restaurant’s window as the song, “It’s Raining Men” plays. This scene was clearly staged for dramatic purposes since in the book, the two men never even met.


A classic movie in its own way, in Dumb & Dumber, Jim Carrey shows everybody who’s the boss in this restaurant fighting scene.

If you ever wondered how a bar/restaurant looked in 19th Century China, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sets the stage for you and then proceeds to tear it up in their restaurant fight scene.

When it comes to the Men in Black films, not only do you fight the bad guys, you also fight the aliens.

Steven Seagal will fight anybody anywhere:


Around 2 am on Dec. 28, 2014, Britney Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynn Spears was eating at a Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana with a friend when a fight broke out. Jamie’s friend was able to escape the tussle while Jamie went behind the counter and grabbed a knife with a 7 inch blade. The owner Jack Brighenti said in an email to PEOPLE magazine,  “A group of males got into an altercation and for some reason Jamie Lynn Spears ran behind the counter and picked up a bread knife.” While Jamie wielded the knife, one of the workers calmly called police and ultimately, nobody was hurt. All of this was captured on the security camera for our viewing pleasure. 

In March 2015, fight broke out in a famous restaurant in Brooklyn, New York in which four teenage girls beat up a petite 15-year-old girl and nobody came to her rescue.  New Yorkers are outraged that nobody helped the teen while she was being pummeled and kicked at a McDonald’s on Flatbush Ave. She wound up with two black eyes and multiple bruises and was hospitalized but later collapsed and rushed to the hospital again. Despite her serious injuries, the girl is refusing to press charges due to fear of retaliation since some of her female attackers reportedly are linked to a violent gang, the Young Savages that operates out of Crown Heights. Police sources said the victim was at the McDonald’s to fight since the video shows her throwing the first punch. But she quickly became overpowered by her 4 attackers.  However, she was able to pull off one of the girl’s hoodie to reveal she was only wearing a purple bra underneath. The purple bra girl, later identified as Aniah Ferguson, 16, stomped on the teen’s head a few more times, called her a “bitch” and stormed off. The victim laid sprawled on the floor, cowering under a table while people either simply watched or cheered.  Ferguson was later arrested after being identified in the video.