Restaurant Creates Plates With Phone Stand For Taking Instagram Pics Of Food

If you thought the hipster taking pictures of his tacos was annoying, well the folks at a restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel have taken things to a whole new level. Teaming up with the Carmel Winery, the Catit restaurant created custom designed plates with a stand for smartphones so customers can get a better shot of their food.  And you thought the only good food artists were the “sandwich artists” at Subway.

While a lot of nicer restaurants have a “no phones” policy, the fancy looking Catit restaurant encourages customers to whip out their smart phones for photos and snap away.  Judging by the dishes they offer they probably make better portraits than filling meals.

Is Taco Bell Coming out with a plastic tray version of this?

They even offer classes on food photography by Dan Perez, billed as one of the top food photographers in the world. They say that they “to reconnect with a new generation of consumers –- youngsters who connect with food through the lens of a smartphone.”

They even have a weird spinny thing to get super fancy with.

So you think people have gone too far with constantly taking pictures of their meals? I can see it both ways; while many people complain that everyone should put their damn phone down and enjoy their food, why not capture an amazing looking, mouthwatering meal that someone spent time preparing and that you paid good money for? While I tend to take Instagram pics of ginormous cheeseburgers and burritos the size of babies to show everyone what a gigantic fat ass I am, the folks at the Catit have gone in a whole other direction. To be fair their pictures come out pretty good:

This is a recent meal that I took a picture of:

# ‘Merica!

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Source: Mashable