Who Smoked the Reefer? Shakespeare Smoked the Reefer

Call this another blow against the anti-pot campaigners of the world.  Researchers digging through the trash  in Shakespeare’s garden unearth a number of pipes and it looks like those pipes contain cannabis residue.  Much like we always suspected of Gandalf, Shakespeare was not just sitting around smoking tobacco like a sucker, he was as high as a kite on that Mary Jane.  And really, if you’ve ever read Titus Andronicus, that makes sense.  Totally on a bad trip that day.

Shakespeare’s name can now be added to the list that includes Snoop, Seth Rogen, Maya Angelou, Cheech and Chong, Jon Stewart, Carl Sagan, and Steve Jobs.  Lots of people seem to smoke up and create.  It’s just the way it works for some people.

It’s long been speculated that Shakespeare was a pothead since he dropped a line about weed in his Sonnet 67, but it was vague enough that if you wanted to not believe it you may as could just as argue he was making a really weird joke about crabgrass.

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The tests conducted on Shakespeare’s old pipes used gas chromatography to determine they’d been used to smoke tobacco and pot.  Using this knowledge should put his entire body of work in a new, more relatable light.  For instance, a Midsummer Night’s Dream makes infinitely more sense if Shakespeare is stoned and, possibly, you too as a reader.  Macbeth has some hallmarks of being a blazed epic and Hamlet really just screams it.

Given what we now know, it seems entirely appropriate to rename some of Shakespeare’s plays, sort of #HighShakespeare game.  Go on, give it a spin yourself-

  • Romeo and Juju
  • “Uneasy lies the head that hits the bong”
  • All’s Weed That Ends Weed
  • The Taming of the Skunk
  • “The lady doth inhale too much, methinks”
  • Love’s Labour’s Loco
  • Bluntlet
  • “To bogart, or not to bogart, that is the question.”
  • Midsummer Night’s Drag
  • Antony and Cleopotra

You might have thought the man and his writing were boring in highschool, but now you know it’s just because you hadn’t prepared properly to read.  Toss your own High Shakespeare jokes into the comments, learn to love the Bard all over again.