Moron Paying $100 Rent In NYC Complains To Landlord

New York City is known for a lot of things: Broadway, the Empire State Building, a rat population so large that they could actually take over the city if they really put their minds to it. They also have some of the highest apartment rent rates in the world. One man was paying a ridiculously low amount for his apartment and he actually screwed himself out of it by filing a lawsuit.

Chad Lieberman was only paying $100 a month for his four bedroom, Upper East Side apartment. Don’t worry, the urge to smash or kill something is normal.

It all started when Lieberman’s late grandfather, Eric Oppenheimer, struck a deal with his landlord back in 1997. The landlord wanted to put a building on the vacant lot next door but the building would block off some of the sunlight from his apartment. Oppenheimer, however, agreed to the deal because the landlord offered to lower his rent from $687 to $100 and that’s what he paid every month until his passing. Lieberman moved in and took over the lease in 2009 and continued to pay the low, low rent but the lack of natural sunlight bothered him. So last year, he took the landlord to court in the hopes of getting the other building torn down, all 25 stories of it. Not only did the court rule against him but the landlord rescinded the $100 monthly rent deal that he made with his grandfather.

Now Lieberman is back to paying an outrageous rent rate just like the rest of us and all because he whined about not getting enough sunlight. We’re sure that he’ll be able to get plenty of sunlight since he’ll probably be homeless very soon.