It’s Cheaper To Rent A French Castle Than A San Francisco Apartment

If you ever thought you lived in a city where the rent is too damn high, you just might have been correct.  Word has it you can snag yourself a roomy 400 square foot studio apartment in San Francisco for a mere $3000 a month.  400 square feet is nearly big enough to put a couch, a table and a bed all against one wall.  Nearly.  Or, if you’re a little more worldly, you can pocket a few of those dollars and spend $2,925 to rent a 7 bedroom castle that comes on 200 acres of land in France.  It also has a private pool.  The apartment in San Francisco has a Murphy bed you can fold up when company comes over.

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Fold up the bed, two people want to fit in here.

If you have more income available, you may want to upgrade to the $4940 a month castle that comes with a pool, a three acre garden, a billiard room, 5 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms and several lawns.  But if your heart is set on San Francisco,  there’s the equally viable three bedroom apartment on Collins Street that costs $4995 a month.  It doesn’t have a pool, and one of the bedrooms doesn’t have a closet, but it’s probably just as nice.

The website Zumper managed to find 6 castles in France that are cheaper than apartments in New York City and San Francisco, including pictures to drive the shame home.  Not that any of the apartments aren’t nice looking, though that studio apartment looks mostly like what happens when you put lipstick on a pig, but still…you should probably feel bad if you’re paying anywhere near those figures for your own place, knowing what kind of place you could be getting for the same money elsewhere in the world.  Private pools and actual castles are pretty damn opulent for the sort of cash that’ll net you two bedrooms here.

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Possibly the most shameful listing of all is the 11 bedroom castle in Tuscany that can “comfortably house up to 25 guests” and also features amenities such as a pool, central air and a massive plot of land, all for just over $4000.  11 bedrooms with space for 25 people.  And a pool.  And it’s cheaper than a 2 bedroom in New York.  Yikes.

The US isn’t all insane rents for less than spectacular places, mind you.  That 400 square foot studio in san Francisco may have been $3,000 but you can get a 500 square foot one bedroom in Dayton, Ohio that’s right on a lake for only $570.  There was a 600 square foot place with a duck pond listed in Tulsa, Oklahoma for about $520.  And the average rent last year in Las Vegas was $737, which isn’t bad at all, especially if you want to try to relive the Hangover every night of your life, or really any Vegas-based movie that makes it seem way more fun than it probably is when you live there full time.  Still, none of those are castles.  But if you want, there are a few in America.  Like this one!

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Nice, right?  Only $951 per night!