16 Regrettable Always Sunny In Philadelphia Fan Tattoos

You might be a fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, however you probably aren’t as big a fan as some of the people who got inked with their favorite characters. Mac, Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Frank are always making horrible decisions that get themselves and others in the most deplorable of situations. However nothing may be as twisted and weird as getting a permanent tattoo of Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds AKA The Trashman that will be with you for the rest of your life.

1. The Trashman

The entire Gang sat down with Conan to discuss fan tattoos and even reveal some of their own unique tats.

Here are more Always Sunny tattoos that will have their owners only able to get a job doing “Charlie work.”

2. The Whole Gang, What No Frank?

3.  Dee The Big Dumb Bird

4. Crazy Hair Frank

5. Charlie The Philanthropist

6. You Don’t Want To End Up On Dennis’sBoat

7. Charlie The Cat Enthusiast

8. Dayman!

9. “I Eat Garbage!”

10.  The Gang’s Boat And Wacky Wavy Man

11. The Lyrics To Night Man

12. Another “The Implication” Tattoo.. They Got What That Means, Right?

13. Wildcard!

14. Charlie!

15. This Person Definitely Does Charlie Work

16. Mac!

The Gang wasn’t to be outdone by their fans. Dennis himself, AKA Glenn Howerton revealed his own celebrity tribute tattoo on his torso.. that of a Magnum P.I. era Tom Selleck; hot.

Charlie revealed his own celebrity tribute tattoo… of Glenn Howerton.

Rob Mcelhenney AKA Mac then showed off his “David Crosby” tattoo… ugh.

Luckily, unlike the above fan tattoos, these tats look like they came straight from Conan’s art department and will be easily washed off.

Which one of The Gang would you get a tat of?

Source: Team Coco

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