Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest Vid: A Tale Of 2 Arrests

This is a tale of two arrest videos. The dashcam footage of Reese Witherspoon’s arrest has surfaced, and the fine people at TMZ have uploaded it for the world to see. 

That is so beyond, right?!?!

Earlier today, we posted a man being arrested for drinking iced tea.

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In the first video, the police give Reese Witherspoon every opportunity to avoid getting arrested. She just pushes them until she goes too far. In the second, an officer harasses a man for drinking an iced tea and he ends up face down in the street with cuffs on.

It’s pure coincidence that both of these videos are on Break, today, but I think it illustrates the sad reality that authority in America is willing to bend to the rich and famous and kneel on the poor and powerless. It’s not just police, either. Think about your elected officials, the celebrity-filled fundraisers they attend, and the PACs that funnel the money of the rich into their campaigns. That’s why when you gripe about Obamacare or the fact that we can’t get background checks for gun purchases, your voices go unheard. It’s not until the powerful go too far that our lawmakers finally turn on them.

Not all police are bad. Most are doing what they’re hired to do: uphold the law. You know what? We respect those guys. Cops like the guys in the iced tea video do all those other hardworking cops a disservice because they foster resentment that makes people suspicious of the cops, making the job harder for the guys out there trying to do the right thing, day in and day out. Next time you see a good guy cop in a bar, buy him or her a beer. Next time you see a jerk with a shield, buy him or her an iced tea.

– Earnest (@earnestp on Twitter)