Reese Witherspoon and 10 More Classy Mugshots

This past weekend, America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct.  You can tell just looking at her she's a trouble maker.  And in her mugshot she can't even face the camera, which we're not even sure is legal.  Still, it makes for kind of a classy photo.  So here's Reese and some more of our favorite high class mugshots.

1. Witherspoon

2. The King

3. The Boys

4. Ms. Lethal

5. Dem Eyes

6. Mr. Sinatra (on charges of adultery and seduction)

7. Wish You Were Here

8. Old Timey Glamor Shot

9. Ziggy Stardust

10. Miss Perky

11. Ladies