Rebecca Romijn: Mysterious Mystique



So you’ve finally mastered the spelling and pronunciation of Rebecca Romijin’s last name, and you’re ready to take your imaginary relationship with the model and actress to the next level. Luckily for you (and, let’s be honest, all of humanity), Romijn has been no stranger to nude scenes in movies, most of which are widely available through the usual film-watching channels. And even though she has been considerably shier when it comes to still photographs in magazines and whatnot, there are still plenty of sexy, quasi-nude shots of Rebecca Romijn out there. Let’s start with one of the greatest photographs ever taken (of Rebecca Romijn):

As you can see, even though Rebecca Romijn has stayed more or less true to her “no nude photo shoots” rule over the course of her career, she’s been more than comfortable getting as close as possible to that line, and thank God for that. I guess we might as well continue along this particular track and keep on in our study of sexy Rebecca Romijn photo shoots. Since she has worked extensively as a model, there’s no shortage of these shots out there on the internet now, which brings me to this really good (not to mention revealing) shot of her.

rebecca  camel toe

But you would perhaps prefer a bikini shot? Well then, here’s another great shot of Rebecca Romijn wearing one. There’s no sand in this one, but there is a little bit of water, which can be just as good at making a picture stand out:


Of course you can! As I mentioned earlier, Romijn’s day job as a model entails a whole lot of shots of her at the beach, and she certainly makes it look like her natural environment. Here’s an example – I don’t see any gills, but she looks very at home at the beach anyway:

Anyway, once you’ve taken a look at that photo, would you really care if she did have gills? I think they’re kind of cute, personally.

While we’re on the subject of bikinis, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue,” which has twice featured Rebecca Romijn on the cover. Here’s the first one:

“Not So Virgin Islands,” eh? It’s nice to know that if I ever need any extra income I can always peddle my wares at Sports Illustrated. Anyway, the second time Rebecca Romijn appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” was seven years later, in 2006. This was the year the magazine did an “All-Star” cover photo, so Rebecca Romijn is sharing the spotlight with a host of other models. But, as usual, she does a pretty great job – and, not for nothing, this is also one of the times that Romijn has come closest to actually posing nude:

rebecca dance gif

In case you’re interested, the other models to be on the cover of the 2006 Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” are as follows: Veronica Varekova, Elle Macpherson, Rachel Hunter, Daniela Pestova, Elsa Benitez, Carolyn Murphy, and Yamila Diaz; inset Heidi Klum and Maria Sharapova. Quite a group of names, and not easy to spell ones either.

Getting back to Rebecca Romijn, she was used to appearing in swimsuits well before she made it onto the cover of Sports Illustrated. Take this (tastefully) topless photo from 1994:

As for this next one, I’m not 100% certain that it counts as a bikini photo. But I’m pretty sure it does, and I’m absolutely positive that I won’t be getting any complaints from anyone anyway:

As I’m sure you already noticed, in the above photo Rebecca Romijn is wearing some kind of string bikini bottom, but on top she’s just wearing a bunch of fruit. And a lucky bunch of fruit it is, too.

Our next photo of Rebecca Romijn wearing a bikini is interesting for all the usual reasons as well as another: She’s not at the beach. Instead, she appears to be sitting in some kind of cornfield or something. But she’s in a bikini, and that’s what matters:


So you’re tired of bikini photos? Well, I guess even the most delicious pizza starts to taste bland if you eat enough of it. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that yes, Rebecca Romijn has done a few nude scenes in movies, despite her general policy of not appearing naked in magazines. And if we’re discussing Rebecca Romijn naked on the big screen, there’s really only one place to start – Brian De Palma’s Femme Fatale:

As you can get just a small idea of by looking at the above photo, Rebecca Romijn’s performance in Femme Fatale is next-level sexy. She strips, she dances, she kills, and she does everything else a femme fatale is supposed to do. Here’s a great example:

That’s far from the only sexy scene that Rebecca Romijn has in Femme Fatale. The movie opens on a heist sequence that involves her making out with another woman (a crucial component of any successful heist), and she has a couple of full-blown nude scenes as well. The movie’s also great, so it’s undoubtedly worth checking out if you’re interested in Rebecca Romijn.


Sorry. I guess I am, yes. But Rebecca Romijn’s big screen nudity doesn’t end with that movie. She also appears naked in Rollerball and Godsend. Are these movies any good? Probably not, but they do offer you a chance to see more of Rebecca Romijn than you will in her modeling work.

Speaking of her modeling work, you might have noticed a certain trend in many of Romijn’s photos:

As you can see, she’s covering her boobs up with her hands. Or at least one of her arms, anyway. The trend did not go unnoticed by Romijn, either, and in 2013 she appeared in a Funny Or Die sketch poking fun at the motif for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check it out here:

[[contentId: 2957554| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]


I’ve somehow managed to save the most iconic piece of Rebecca Romijn nudity for last. That actually wasn’t that difficult, though, since this particular stretch of performances, though almost completely naked, take place in PG-13 movies and she’s nearly unrecognizable in the part. I am referring, of course, to Rebecca Romijn’s role as Mystique in the first three X-Men movies:

Mystique always wore a white dress in the X-Men cartoon from the 90s and in the comics, but for the movies some brilliant individual decided that a shapeshifter wouldn’t really have any use for clothes. And thus we have three movies’ worth of Rebecca Romijn naked and covered in blue makeup. This means that it would be technically possible for you to see Rebecca Romijn naked even if you were a completely rule-abiding 13-year-old boy.  Here’s another taste:

And I should definitely mention that in the third X-Men movie, a subplot about a treatment that robs mutants of their powers means we get to see Rebecca Romijn, the real Rebecca Romijn, nude as well:

rebecca transforms gif


As you probably know, the role of Mystique has been passed down to Jennifer Lawrence, who’s done a great job in the blue naked makeup. But given that this is X-Men we’re talking about, and time travel isn’t exactly unheard of, we might just be seeing Rebecca Romijn in the familiar blue scales again before she ages out of the part. And given how she’s aging, that might be decades from now.

rebecca butt gif