In Defense Of Donald Trump

It seems every other day there’s a story in the news about Donald Trump. While 99% of Trump news is negative, the man is still huge out there and there’s something to be said for his place in America today.  Let’s see if we can’t find a silver lining to the cloud that is Trump.

He’s Getting People Interested

When’s the last election you can remember that got people this riled up?  Obama’s first campaign had a lot of interest from liberals, his hope and hugs message was well received by some, but Trump is polarizing everyone on either side of the fence. 

He makes his supporters and detractors stronger by being the most polarizing figure in American politics, possibly ever.  People care now because they’re afraid he’ll win, and others care because they finally have a candidate who has no filter or common sense, it seems.  There’s no group of voters who can get away without having an opinion on Trump and in that regard he’s better for politics than any candidate in years.

He Could be Unifying

It doesn’t matter what party line you tow currently, Trump has solidified your love of that party.  Hate him and you love the Dems more than ever.  Love him and you’re more into the political process than ever before.  And, unique to Trump, if you hate him and also the Dems, you’re forced to really learn about the other GOP candidates to find out who you want to support.  He’s good for everyone!

The Importance of Villains

Most people look at Trump as a villain.  His polls show him at maybe 40% support, but never underestimate how useless poll numbers are at this point, and also how we’re only talking about 40% of the 50% of people who might support his party.  Most Americans don’t like Trump.  But that’s good, too.  Trump is a villain unlike any other. 

Last election, Obama squared off against the likes of Mitt Romney and Rand Paul.  You can make fun of these guys, but does anyone think, deep down, they’re really bad people?  If we’re being serious, probably not.  Some people honestly believe Obama is evil, but we have to disregard that kind of silly opinion as well and look at the political field in a rational manner.  Everyone has self interests, everyone will probably lie a little, or a lot, they’ll make good or bad decisions depending on your perspective, but they’re basically the same.  Obama, McCain, Clinton, Paul – they’re not evil or good, they’re politicians.  But Trump’s villainy extends so far beyond bipartisan rhetoric – he’s almost a cartoon.

Villains provide conflict.  Motivation.  They’re dynamic and add layers to the drama.  Trump has turned the boring, repetitive game of politics – and don’t we always feel that no matter who wins the election, the little people always gets screwed and the country ends up the same anyway? – into something exciting. There are stake snow.  If he wins, we’re doomed!  If he wins, America will lose all its allies!  He’ll take us to war!  He’ll kick out minorities!  He’ll make us prosperous beyond our wildest dreams!  Everyone will have a job!

No one has ever done for an election what Donald Trump has.  He’s turned it into a thriller, with high stakes, with unpredictable twists.  He’s the political Hannibal Lecter and we want to see what he does next.

That’s Entertainment!

The biggest criticism of politics amongst lay people, average citizens who don’t have a vested interest in the political process is that it’s boring. Politics come across as dry and uninteresting.  Politicians speak in language that misdirects and obfuscates constantly.  Most people just don’t care.  And whether or not that’s sad, whether you want to Rock the Vote or get people to realize how important it is, it doesn’t matter because the numbers each and every year speak the truth – voter turnout is low because the average American doesn’t care.  Not enough to actually go do something about it.

Donald Trump has made the political process interesting to people in a way no one else ever has.  His sideshow act is just that, and it’s a good thing.  People like sideshows, they’re entertaining.  Entertainment is what politics needs because whatever we’ve been doing for the last 100 years sure hasn’t motivated new people to give a damn.

The shocking truth just may be that voters aren’t necessarily lazy as they’re just not as blind as the establishment thinks.  They believe their vote doesn’t matter.  Only hardline Dems and Republicans really care about their vote, the rest of the population seems to think that things will not change regardless of who’s in charge, that’s the problem.  Donald trump is the solution to that problem.  He’s different and interesting and kind of insane.  He’s shaking things up and has finally made the political process unpredictable and interesting.  You want to see his interviews, his debates, even his twitter, to see what he might say or do next.  He’s like a Kardashian with a wig.  He’s entertaining and we like it.

You don’t have to want to vote for Trump or agree with a word he says, but credit where credit is due, no one has been this interesting in American politics in a lifetime.