New Real Time Google Translate App Update Is Like Star Trek

Google has unveiled an update to its Google Translate app that is a quick reminder that we are now living in the future year of 2015.

Now you will know which way to the bathroom instead of what happened last time.

In the updated version of Google Translate, Google has incorporated “Word Lens” – the app that translates signs and text in real time just by pointing your smart phone’s camera at the text you want translated. This amazing feat has been partnered with the real time verbal communication between people speaking different languages akin to the famed Star Trek “Universal Translator.”

In Star Trek this wasn’t available until the 2150’s and it kind of looks like an old credit card machine.

OK, so you Trek nerds will be quick to point out that the Universal Translator could quickly learn to translate undiscovered alien languages it encounters. While the updated Google Translate app is not yet at that level of sophistication, it is still pretty impressive considering the garbled mess of words Internet translators used to spew out. According to Google you will be able to simply tap which two languages you want translated and the app will detect on its own who is speaking what language, and speak the translation aloud. Not only that , you won’t need an internet connection if you download specific languages to translate. This is good news as if you try to use your phone’s data plan in another country you will be hit with crazy overage charges.

If you get slapped after asking for coffee we will know the machines have become self-aware and are dicks.

This will be a huge advance for international travel and communication. Now instead of speaking English, but louder, – American tourists can shove their cell phone in the face of European shopkeepers and have Google Translate say what they really mean.

Source: Life Hacker

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