Real Life Version Of The Catalina Wine Mixer From “Step Brothers” Is Happening

Throughout the hit 2008 Will Ferrell- John C. Reilly film Step Brothers “The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer” is continually referenced until the finale of the film.

That is where characters Brennan and Dale finally make it the said Catalina Wine Mixer, save the day by selling 80 helicopters for brother Derek’s company and rock an epic performance of “Boats ‘N Hoes.” #SpoilerAlert.

Now the actual resort island of Catalina, off the coast of California is finally throwing a real life Catalina Wine Mixer. Which is weird since I’m not sure what took them seven years to do it; it’s an island resort -shouldn’t every day be a Catalina Wine Mixer?  

They even got permission to reference Step Brothers from the producers of the film and The Santa Catalina Island Company is putting on the event this September 13th at the Descanso Beach Club in the town of Avalon on Catalina. The Dan Band who perform in the film as an 80’s Billy Joel cover band will also be on hand to rock out along with actual helicopter rides.


Tickets are only $35 bucks, which is pretty awesome considering organizers of the event aim to recreate the look and feel of the Step Brothers scene. No word on if Will Ferrell and/or John C. Reilly will actually show up. For those of you that have never been, Catalina is the perfect spot for these two goofballs. As personal passenger cars and trucks are restricted on the small island, residents and tourists drive pimped out golf carts, which would be perfect for the two to get up to some wine mixer fueled shenanigans.

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Source: TMZ