Real Life Horror Stories More Horrifying Than Horror Movies

It’s almost Halloween time and that means it’s time to watch horror movies! With all the blood soaked gore, screaming, yelling, stabbing and murder all you psychopaths out there can safely play out your sick fantasies from the comfort of your couch and no one will get hurt. Yay! If watching Freddy slash a few teenagers in their dreams may help you NOT act out your bloody dream then horror is doing some good. I’m not saying that everyone who loves horror movies is a repressed serial killer just waiting to snap and go all Chucky on his neighbors, but come on; we’ve all thought about what it would be like for the cold, hard steel of your knife’s blade to slice through the soft warm flesh of all those bastards who mouth off to you at work. Right guys?  However some people are not so fortunate; their nightmares do become a reality in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Here are some real life stories that are more horrifying than anything Wes Craven or Stephen King could come up with… because these horrors are true.

Torture Dungeon Cannibal Pedophile

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A British man living in Worcester, Massachusetts spent a lot of time preparing to act out his desires to kidnap, rape, kill and eat children. Fortunately Geoffrey Portway is now serving 27 years in prison before he was able to serve anybody up for dinner. It seems the sicko spent a lot of time preparing a sound proofed dungeon in the basement of his home complete with a homemade child sized coffin, a butchering kit, cages and restraints, a castration tool, a library of books and movies about cannibalism in addition to a large collection of child pornography. Police were able to apprehend him as he spent a lot of time online communicating with others who shared in his “home improvement” hobbies. One chat buddy was Ronald Brown, the children’s birthday puppeteer who promised “grins and giggles” for his shows, but was sentenced to 20 years in prison for child pornography and conspiracy to kidnap a child. Even Jason Voorhees is shaking his head on what could have happened had Portway been able to move forward with his plans.

480 Pound Woman’s Skin Fused to Fabric After Six Years On Couch

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This sad, macabre story is like something out of a David Cronenberg film. In 2004, 40 year old Gayle Grinds of Stuart, Florida died after rescue workers tried to remove her from the couch which she had been sitting on for at least six years. She didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom and the man living with her brought her meals. The obese woman had been on the couch so long that her skin had grown into the fabric, fusing one with the couch. Workers had to wear protective gear when entering the filthy home and blast in fresh air to combat the stench. Since her skin would have to be surgically removed from the couch, rescuers attempted to transport her to the hospital on a flatbed trailer pulled by a pickup truck as the woman/ couch combo wouldn’t fit in a normal ambulance. She later died at the hospital still attached to the couch. On the bright side you might be able to get a good deal on a used couch at a garage sale in Florida.

10 Years in House of Horrors

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Something that comes across in real life horror stories that I don’t think can be translated in horror movies is time scale. What makes some of these real life horrors so upsetting is the amount of time that a victim must endure the abuse. This was very apparent in the disturbing story that broke earlier this year of the three young women trapped in the Cleveland, Ohio home of Ariel Castro.  One of the victims    was a prisoner, never allowed to go outside and leave the house enduring beatings, rapes and forced child bearing at the hands of her captor for over an entire decade.  Just think about that; a decade of your life in some psycho’s basement. All of the vacations you’ve taken, birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, work, school, relationships.. over the past ten years of your life.. that entire time this woman was in that house being tortured. No horror movie can compare to this reality.

Austrian Dungeon Master Joseph Fritzel

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Which brings us to Josepth Fritzel of Austria.  Fritzel imprisoned his own daughter Elizabeth for 24 years in the basement dungeon he created in his house. Over the course of the 24 years while Elizabeth was not allowed to leave the dungeon, her father impregnated her seven times; one baby was a miscarriage, four of the children lived in the basement and three were allowed to live upstairs with Fritzel and his wife (all of whom didn’t know about the others in the basement believing the story that Elizabeth had run away as a young girl to “join a cult.”)  The oldest daughter Kerstin was 19 and like the other basement children had never been outside in her entire life. When Kerstin fell ill, Elizabeth begged her father to allow them to get medical treatment at the local hospital; it was then that she was able to alert authorities to their predicament.  

 So be thankful the next time you are watching Saw, Hostel, or Last House on The Left and can say “it’s only a movie.”

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