Screw The iPhone, Check Out The Ray Rice Jersey Return Line At Ravens Stadium

Today is the day! No, not to buy the new iPhone 6. Today is the day people get to return their Ray Rice jersey’s at the Raven’s stadium in Baltimore. Given the rules of the return, fans who bring their specific brand of Ray Rice jersey to the stadium between 8 AM and 3 PM today and tomorrow, will have the option to swap out the jersey for a different player.

Here’s the official information handed out to the people in line.

Fans from around the area had started lining since 4 AM, which according to my clock is right around No Thanks Pacific Time. The line eventually grew to a mile and a half long with literally thousands of people anxiously ready to get rid of their Rice jerseys.

Personally I’d burn it before waiting in a line that long at four in the morning.

After the video had emerged of Ray Rice knocking his future wife unconscious in an elevator went viral, fans have been patient to show their non-support despite Rice’s wife publicly supported her husband. And today they could finally make it official.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, with Rice being removed from the NFL, Madden video games, his University’s pre-roll highlight game reel, and now this jersey exchange, he’s becoming that photograph in Back to the Future. He’s just slowly disappearing.

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source: Daily Mail