Massachusetts Is Creating A Rattlesnake Island On Purpose

a pile of rattlesnakes


The state of Massachusetts is planning to populate an off-limits island with lovable, squeezable rattlesnakes.

Okay, obviously, snakes scare the crap out of people and this has caused a bit of a panic among local residents. The island in question, Mt. Zion, is in the Quabbin Reservoir, a 39-square mile spot with lots of hiking trails and outdoorsy stuff.

Mt. Zion is 1,400 acres and the largest island in the reservoir, so that would be a lot of snakes.

indiana jones in the snake pit in Raiders of the lost ark


“People are afraid that we’re going to put snakes in a place of public use and that they are going to breed like rabbits and spread over the countryside and kill everybody,” said Tom French, the stud handling this project with the state’s Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

He followed this up by saying that these fears are stupid. And people are stupid.

He might’ve said that last part, but he did say that rattlesnakes are scared of people and will only attack when they feel threatened… you know, like a killing machine of the wild will do.

The killers will be raised at some zoos and then dropped on the island — and the governor of the state is totally down with all of this.

Wonder if Gov. Charlie Brown knows that rattlesnakes can swim and the island is only separated from the mainland by two very narrow causeways?

Some hikers in the area are worried the trails will be shut down when rattlers start making their way to the mainland. Funny, I would have thought they’d be concerned about death by snake bite first…

rattlesnake striking GIF


French says that in his 32 years with the agency, he cannot recall a single rattlesnake bite, and there has not been a single rattlesnake bite death since Colonial times.

a rattlesnake bite to the face


Then again, he is known to be a heavy drinker (could be true… no proof against it that I’ve seen.).

Source: Fox News