Disgusting! Man Claims He Found Dead Rat Inside Dr. Pepper Bottle

A Texan made an extremely disturbing discovery recently. John Graves of Katy claims that he purchased a bottle of Dr. Pepper for his grandson and found a dead rat inside.

“Pretty good size. About 3 inches long, with a big tail,” Graves told KPRC-TV. He gave the Dr. Pepper to his grandson, Kayden, to drink during a car ride. When Kayden did not finish the soda, Graves screwed the cap back on and put the bottle away.

The next morning, Graves realized that the bottle had a dead rat inside and immediately became afraid – pictures of the bottle appear to indicate that his grandson had consumed about half of the 20-oz. beverage.

“I’m concerned about the health of my grandson,” he said. 

Kayden was rushed to a pediatrician, who took blood and urine samples that are awaiting analysis. The family also contacted the state of Texas and the Centers for Disease Control, as well as Dr. Pepper, who wants them to hand over the bottle for testing.

However, the family wants answers first. “I want to get the rat tested to see where it came from, how it got there, if there is any medical concerns we should be concerned about,” Graves said. “There is no telling what could happen to that sample.” 

Dr. Pepper-Snapple released a statement claiming that it is “virtually impossible for any foreign object to enter any container during the bottling process.” The Galveston store owner also claimed that all of his products are sold sealed.

According to Jay Neal, food and safety expert at the University of Houston, it is absolutely possible for a rodent to wind up in a soda bottle, as a mouse “can fit through a hole about the size of a nickel.”

Source: KPRC-TV