Racist Bully Gets Smacked Down By Kid For Hurling Racial Slurs In Classroom

We teach kids that violence is never the answer; that disagreements should be solved with words instead of fists. And while that’s all fine, dandy and true, I can’t help but root for the kid who went and slugged this beast of a girl after she spat a bunch of racial slurs in his face with the confidence of someone who’s never actually been socked in the head:



Girl deserves every hit she got. What happened to the days when being racist in public wasn’t cool? Not that it’s “cool” now, but people seem to be a lot more upfront about being ignorant losers now than they were 5+ years ago. Which honestly, might not be a bad thing – it’s a lot easier to spot the trash when it’s not trying to hide as a patch of tulips, but it’s a real bummer to take a look at your neighborhood and see piles of filth instead of flower beds.

At the end of the day, both of them are getting in trouble – but only learned a life lesson.

Totally worth the suspension for the guy.