Blonde White Woman Has Been Posing As A Black Civil Rights Leader For Years

Move over Caitlyn Jenner, here is your story of the month. The above photos, one depicting an African American woman on the left and a blonde freckled face white woman on the right are actually the same person.

Meet Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP, a professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washing, University and a proud mother of two black sons.

In reailty, Dolezal is actually a white blonde woman and her white birth parents are calling her out on this weird role she has decided to play after she has been fooling everyone for years. Her father, Larry Dolezal told BuzzFeed News “he could not fully explain why his daughter might have wanted to pose as a black woman.”

But the biggest issue most people are having with Dolezal isn’t so much her pretending to be black, which hey, do what you want to do! It’s the fact that she’s out right lying about certain pieces in her life including who her family really is.

In fact, the two African American boys she calls her sons which she has often posted pictures of her on facebook page are actually her two adopted brothers.

She has since at least come clean about her “sons”, saying that one was in fact her adopted brother but is now his legal guardian.

Rachel Dolezal confirmed in a recent phone interview with The Press that Izaiah is one of her adopted brothers.

“He used to be my brother,” she said. “But I have full custody of him now.”

She has even publicly said that this African American man was her dad, when her dad is most definitely a white guy.

Here are her real parents, who live in Montana.

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Another big possible lie (aside from her race and heritage) is the hate crimes has been the target of, but in fact, some of her cases seem a little confusing. She once received hate mail delivered to her P.O. Box but there wasn’t a time stamp on the envelope. Police and the post office agree that there’s no way mail could’ve been delivered without a time stamp, unless a postman placed it there on his own or someone with a key placed it there themselves. Dolezal has the only key.

A news station interviews Dolezal about the possible hate crime mail, but more interestingly is when they ask her toward the end of the video if the above photo posted is a picture of her dad. She says it is.

You can see Dolezal starting to get uncomfortable after the reporter asks if her parents are indeed African American. When she squirms, they finally ask if she is African American.

Dolezal has yet to admit that she is in fact a white woman or why she has been lying to literally everyone for the past few years, so right now this remains to be one bizarre news story.


source: Buzzfeed