Mexico Is Testing Their Police Force To Make Sure They’re Sexy Enough

If you’re a female and dreamed of being a cop in Mexico, you better hold off your plans as interesting as that type of future sounds. Potential female recruits are complaining that they’ve been subjected to “attractiveness” inspections, which depending on their looks could prevent them from getting the job. A city in Mexico, Querétaro, is looking to recruit female officers to patrol the town center but their male superiors are making sure the force is looking better than expected.

Police Chief Hidalgo Eddy’s previous work.

Apparently these issues began when the Mayor hired Hidalgo Eddy, a retired army general to become Querétaro’s new police chief. He has a history of creating all female (and all sexy) police forces and demanding that they wear heels, heavy lipstick and real tight clothes while they’re on duty. We’re assuming his tactics are more to distract criminals or maybe to keep them from running away from the cops, but his ideal police force is starting to get a little out of hand (as if it hasn’t already).

A representative of the Querétaro police told the press there is no “hot lady” special force in their police department to keep their town center safe and sexy but Eddy’s track record has others questioning what the hell is going on. Maricruz Ocampo who is in charge of the non-governmental Human Right’s Commission says they’re keeping an eye on the police department after receiving complaints from two women who were told they weren’t attractive enough to join. One was allegedly told she was “paunchy”, even after they knew she was recently pregnant. Ocampo says that she added, “I trained to be a police officer, not a showgirl.” Personally, I blame Modern Family. Sofia Vergara married to Al Bundy? It’s all fantasy from there, folks.