Original ‘Pulp Fiction’ Script Reveals Quentin Tarantino’s First Casting Picks

Pulp Fiction re-wrote how films were written for years, spawning a dozen look-a-likes from both new and veteran filmmakers who yearned to copy the success (and originality) that Pulp Fiction had invented but still nothing came close. Pulp has been around for over 20 years which is insane to think about, and it’s still as effective today as it was back in 1994. Each and every character in that movie is so iconic, it’s hard to see anyone else in those quirky roles but Tarantino had to create a wishlist of actors he wanted to see in his second directorial effort, back when actors wouldn’t drop everything to simply work with him. And thanks to a user on Reddit, we now have a page from the original Pulp Fiction working draft detailing who the then relatively unknown Quentin Tarantino liked and especially preferred for his new movie.

Using a 1-3 asterick guideline for the casting department, it’s interesting to see who almost made the cut over who actually made it into the flm. Looks like John Cusack was oh-so close to playing John Travolta’s drug dealer with not only the three astericks by his name, but also his name above Eric Stoltz, who ultimately played the character of Lance. Same for Michael Madsen who was originally preferred over John Travolta to play Vincent Vega. Amazing stuff.

Check out the rest below.

Pulp Fiction has become such a pop culture mainstay, it’s really hard to imagine Denzel Washington as Vincent Vega or Phoebe Cates as Honey Bunny, but if anyone could pull off such random casting, it’s Tarantino. The guy seriously knows how to fit even the most surprising casting choices into his very specific roles. Now the quesiton is did any of these people audition and where are those tapes?