20 Nightmarish And Bizarre Photos Ever Taken On Public Transportation

Public transportation is cheaper than owning a car, but there is a certain price you pay when it comes to riding a bus or subway with other strangers in this world. Some people are normal, and then there’s literally everyone else. Here are 20 bizarre and often horrifying images people have taken during the adventure that is public transportation.

20. This guy and his nightmare dummy.

I can safely tell you this man is not in a Halloween costume. I’ve seen him in Hollywood and this is exactly what he always looks like, carrying around the torso of a mannequin.

19. Crochet Man.

18. The Minnie Mouse shorts really work here.

17. Pray he doesn’t notice you.

16. Funny, I don’t recall being sent to hell recently.

15. Sharing a subway with people is bad enough.

14. Oh no. Please don’t. Guhhhhh.

13. Having to ride the subway is bad enough. Dying on one is even worse.

12. They clean the seats on these things, right? Right??

11. As if subway cars didn’t smell bad enough. Thanks.

10. Did we just enter a Scooby-Doo cartoon?

[[contentId: 2840643| | style: height:548px; width:509px]]

9. Oh good, Crochet Man has a brother.

8. Napoleon Dynamite all grown up.

7. Of course this guy would prefer to stand behind you.


5. Is it just us or can you smell them too?

4. Great, this guy brought rabbits on the train.

3. How Hellraiser gets to work.

2. He’s single, ladies.

1. And finally, Mrs. Snot Queen 2015.

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