Worst Psychic Ever Scammed Lovesick Man Out Of $550,000

Most if not all of us have been “fools for love” at least once in our lives, and ended up doing or saying some ridiculous and likely embarrassing things. The fact that Niall Rice is likely the biggest victim imaginable of such foolishness may come as some consolation to the rest of us, but his is a really sad story.

He spent over $550,000 on one particular time machine and a bridge of gold.

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The charlatan psychic pled guilty to larceny in the fourth degree, and will receive a sentence of four years probation. She won’t have to pay back any of the money though, which seems really unfair. One of the possible reasons for such a light sentence might be that he admitted to having an affair with the psychic (who probably saw it coming – she is a psychic after all).So perhaps the lesson here is that the next time you’re being conned by some evil psychic, try not to bone her. 

Her attorney said it was a “fair resolution” and added that “she won’t be a psychic anymore.” Guess what dude? She never was a psychic. We won’t delve too deeply into whether or not real psychics actually exist, but suffice it to say that the good ones don’t toss around concepts like time machines or bridges of gold lightly.

Source: Los Angeles Times