Prosecutor Gives 87-Year-Old A Pass On Soliciting Prostitute: Says He Earned It

Did you guys know that you can get a free pass in the criminal justice system if you live long enough without committing a crime? No? Well if you always wanted to solicit a hooker, you should eat well, exercise and retire to Grand Rapids, Michigan. That is where 87-year old Howard Arthur Klein was arrested for soliciting an undercover cop posing as a prostitute. Oh why did they get Grandpa Viagra for his birthday?

That is his lawyer, not the prostitute in question.

However the octogenarian john got off with a “free pass” as the local prosecutor calls it. Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth says, “What would be the purpose in prosecuting him? He wouldn’t and shouldn’t go to jail and 87 years without involvement in the criminal justice system has, in my opinion, earned him a pass.”

Klein was busted in the sting operation not far from where he lives. He and two men and two women were booked in jail. However because of Klein’s advanced age he was not taken into custody. In his defense he says that he thought the woman he approached was “someone from his church.”  – Which brings up the question; what church does he go to??!

Do you agree with the prosecutor for giving him a pass? If anything it is pretty amazing that at 87 years of age this guy not only has the ability, but the desire to head out and find a lady of the night to get busy with. So hats off to you sir!

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Source: Mlive