Proof Jar Jar Binks Does Make A Cameo In ‘The Force Awakens’

J.J. Abrams, you sneaky son of a bitch. Lucasfilm denied that Jar Jar Binks would be in The Force Awakens but apparently, that’s not quite true. People have spotted teasers of what appears to be Jar Jar Binks and regrettably, it seems to be true that he is indeed in the movie. Sources have also claimed that they’ve actually seen him in the film and fans are starting to notice.

First, a fan from overseas noticed Jar Jar in the first teaser to hit Asia which apparently did not get uploaded to Youtube for Americans to see. I can see why because most Americans would probably boycott the film if the filmmakers uttered Jar Jar’s name even once, even jokingly.

The above scene which appeared in that teaser is extremely quick, but the Reddit user grabbed a shot from the teaser and uploaded it to reveal Jar Jar standing with the Dark Side. Here we’ve zoomed in and…holy shit…. Why has no one else noticed this before?! We want answers!

You may ask, but how can you tell that’s Jar Jar? Well, here’s a picture of Jar Jar Binks just for a refresher. Same skin color, no sleeves, same color of clothes.

Seems more likely that they’re throwing in easter eggs of Jar Jar Binks if not a larger cameo than it would be for them to design a character that almost looks eerily identical.

There’s been so much talk about Jar Jar’s appearance NOT being in The Force Awakens, but after seeing these images who’s to say that J.J. Abrams hadn’t speckled some Jar Jar throughout the movie to make light of the character’s hatred