BREAKING: Your First Official Look At Princess Leia From ‘The Force Awakens’

After seeing what most of the returning characters from the Star Wars universe would look like including Han Solo, C-3PO and R2-D2, Leia and Skywalker are the two remaining characters we have yet to see after hearing they’d be returning to the franchise that made them famous. Well now a source has said this is an image of Carrie Fisher in her Princess Leia costume from what looks like an image taken from the film’s costume fittings. Sorry, she’s fully clothed.

The Hashtag Show discusses that a drawing of Leia’s costume first hit the internet a while back, and now this image of Leia backs up the claim that Leia will be wearing the same costume that was shown in a drawing posted online in February. Of course Disney has yet to officially say otherwise, probably because they’d rather make a huge announcement on their own (if not just wait til the movie comes out for you to enjoy the reveal as intended) so for now this is all you get! Be grateful, dammit.

What do you guys think? Points for Leia’s hair being the same look when she was Jabba’s slave.