If 90’s Pop Stars Were Cast As The Avengers

Remember that period in the 90’s when mainstream tried to convince us that our favorite recording artists were also great actors? It didn’t take long until we realized certain singers needed to just stick to the one career that made them popular, which made us wonder what The Avengers would look like if 90’s pop stars were also cast as the iconic superhero group if it were made in the days of power ballads and too many white rappers.

Prince as Iron Man

Instead of blue, his Iron Man costume would omit a purple light and he would ultimately defeat Ultron with his sassy attitude and tears.

Marky Mark as The Hulk

It’s hard to think of someone who had their shirt off more in the 90’s than Marky Mark. Of course his purple Calvin Klein’s wouldn’t tear after his multiple transformations unlike his denim overalls with the one strap hanging loose.

Michael Bolton as Thor

Michael Bolton’s long and flowing blonde hair makes him a no brainer to portray Thor. Especially during potential scenes where he lovingly sings “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” to his hammer.

Alanis Morisette as Black Widow

The only female role in The Avengers is a challenge to fill. But with the angst and anger that originally made Alanis Morisette popular in the 90’s, we can totally see her karate chopping robots in the neck with a few roundhouse kicks. But not too hard since she’s still Canadian.

Vanilla Ice as Hawkeye

Vanilla Ice would be great as the punk member of The Avengers, constantly needing affirmation from the rest of the team as to why he deserves to be there. And like Vanilla Ice, Hawkeye can rock his bow like a candle…whatever that means. He also likes to be referred to as Hawk-Ice, but no one cares to listen.

Garth Brooks as Captain America

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There might not be anything more American than country music. And a country star thrown into a team of non-country music popstars would create an even bigger struggle for Steve Rogers with his efforts in trying to fit in. But all is well whenever Garth Brooks sings “Thunder Rolls” during one of Thor’s big fight moments. Bolton nods to Brooks and all is well with the team.

Kid (from Kid ‘n Play) as Nick Fury

Everyone knows Nick Fury is the boss, but what if in this 90’s version, The Avengers have to listen to a little punk in the form of Kid from Kid ‘n Play. They hate having a boss younger than them, bossing them around but just can’t do anything about it. At least until Kid’s parents come home to S.H.I.E.L.D. early and he has to clean up the office before they notice what he’s been up to.

Thankfully these 90’s popstars weren’t cast as The Avengers, but it would have made for one helluva theme song.

Created by @Todd_Spence