15 Most Bad-Ass American Presidential Portraits

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on Jul. 03, 2014

With all the difficult problems facing our country, some people are having a hard time getting excited for the Forth of July. We call those people communists. But luckily, there is a cure (besides a bullet to the head). These fifteen bad-ass presidential portraits are guaranteed to whip even the most socialist of pinkos into a patriotic frenzy. Honestly, if the image of Thomas Jefferson punching a gorilla doesn't excite you, then you better haul your ass to Canada.

For the record, most (if not all) of these portraits were created by Jason Heuser. You can buy his work here.

Have a happy Forth of July!

Bonus Non-President

Sarla User

The Reagon one is my fav

LB74 User

While I haven't read the President's book, I do think the guy has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about this country. Hell, look at some of the individuals he either surrounds himself with, or even has working in his administration. Heck his wife's infamous "I'm finally proud to be an American." statement during the '08 campaign. And the rather unflattering one of Michelle at a Memorial Day event looking bored to tears, arms crossed, while her husband ,and the rest in the audience had their hands on their hearts. Just makes one think what she, and him talk about when the cameras aren't on them.

LooseTrigger User

Yes, this is the way morons and rednecks are seeing their USA. And this point of view, is the reason why the USA will go down. 

Everything is shooting, killing and fighting. Poor America, once you were great. Now, your just a real life hollywood movie, with a bad ending.

COHockey User

This guy has a lot of nerve putting 0bama in there. He should be NOWHERE NEAR an American flag..... since the POS wouldn't salute it or even wear a flag pin until people got mad. The guy is a PROVEN communist..... if you ever read his book or know who's ideals he follows (Saul Alinsky). Sickening.