President Clinton’s Official Portrait Contains A Monica Lewinsky Reference

One of the perks of being President of the United States is getting your own, hand-painted portrait. These portraits don’t just show the way presidents looked before the stress of their job ravaged the looks that got them the job. They embody the legacy they’ve left on the country through their service. So just imagine what the President Clinton portrait must look like. It doesn’t have a picture of the Arkansas native straddling a razorback with a bevy of buxom babes holding on to him but the artist did paint in a reference to the President’s philandering ways. 

Not the portait in question.

Artist Nelson Shanks painted the official portrait of President Clinton for the National Portrait Gallery, a portrait that was unveiled at the Smithsonian by the President back in 2006. Shanks said in an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News  that the President’s portrait contains a hidden reference to Monica Lewinsky, the intern who had an affair with the President that caused a national scandal and led to his impeachment. 

Even “Painting Hillary” is not pleased.

Shanks said he painted in a shadow of a mannequin wearing the infamous blue dress that contained traces of the President’s DNA and served as the smoking gun for the President’s most infamous scandal. The artist said he painted the shadow into the portrait after the President posed for it and noted that he and the mannequin were never in the room at the same time. He also claimed that the Clintons are trying to have the portrait removed  because of the subtle shadow but the National Portrait Gallery said they have not received any such requests. 

Troll Level: Presidential

The artist said he included the shadow because he wanted to show the “shadow on the office he held.”

He could have done the same thing by just painting the Washington Monument into the portrait and no one would have been the wiser. 

 Source: Daily Dot