The Easiest Way To Get $500 Bucks

Starting next Monday, we’re unleashing a handful of positive pranks and for every 1,000 views we’ll donate $1 to the social change organization, Here’s how YOU can get involved! Be a slightly less terrible person by making a positive prank of your own! Follow any of our 3 positive prank examples or get creative, and send us a photo of video of your prank via Twitter with the hashtag #PrankitFWD.  We will be selecting our favorite positive prank and the winner will get $500! You have from now until the end of April to commit your good deed. For more rules and info visit

Today’s prank is THE PIZZA GUY PRANK.  Here’s how:

Step 1: Call your favorite pizza joint and order up a delivery.  (Note: you don’t have to shout at the phone)

[[contentId: 2591157| | style: height:509px; width:546px]]

Step 2: Upon your pizza delivery guy’s arrival, pay him the total AND THEN have him roll dice for his tip!

[[contentId: 2591158| | style: height:542px; width:593px]]

Step 3: Is the roll too low?  Have him roll again!  (Note: Your neighbors may want to get involved and/or eat pizza)

[[contentId: 2591159| | style: height:808px; width:595px]]

Step 4: Pay your Pizza Delivery Guy his winnings and send us the video!  READ BELOW:

[[contentId: 2591160| | style: height:430px; width:594px]]

Remember to tweet @Breakcom a link to your video or photo with the hashtag #PrankitFWD. You could win $500 for doing something nice for your Pizza Delivery Guy. For more information check out the PrankitFWD website at

Feel free to put your own spin on this prank and make it your own; whatever would make someone happy!