In Honor Of The Record Powerball Jackpot Here Are Tales Of Winners And Losers

As Powerball fever hits record proportions and the top prize now at levels well over a billion dollars, we thought it would be interesting to look back to see what other lottery winners have done with their lucky loot.

John Kutey and his wife took their 2011 winnings and built a water park named Spray Park in honor of his parents.

Evelyn Adams won the lottery in both 1984 and 1985 for a total of over five million dollars. She took her winnings to Atlantic City, and lost nearly all of it – today’s she’s broke and living in a trailer park. Unfortunately, there are dozens of similar stories out there.

Bob Erb won 25 million dollars and put his money where his mouth or at least lungs is/are. He donated a million of it to 420 day, a yearly event supporting marijuana legislation.

George and Beryl Keates won over 5 million dollars in 2012, and were happy to share with their family. With what was left, they continue to buy more lottery tickets.

There’s luck and there’s “luck,” but no one word can properly describe Joan Ginther. She won “$5.4 million in a 1993 Lotto Texas drawing and then hit it big in three scratch-off games, $2 million in Holiday Millionaire in 2006, $3 million in Millions & Millions in 2008, and $10 million in $140,000,000 Extreme Payoff in 2010.”

Although not as lucrative as Ginther, perhaps even stranger was a 1.4 million dollar Wisconsin payoff that was shared by 4 tickets. Each of the tickets belonged to the same couple.

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One man in Arizona held six of the eight winning tickets in a 2012 Powerball drawing.  

Sources: Business Inside