Star Of “Power Rangers Samurai” Charged With Killing Roommate With A Sword

Ricardo Medina Jr. is an actor best known for portraying the Red Ranger starting in 2002 on the children’s show Power Rangers Wild Force and later as the sword wielding Dekker on Power Rangers Samurai.


Apparently the regular old Power Rangers weren’t cutting it anymore and needed to be upgraded to samurais, because why not, the kids already have ADD from watching these shows.


The samurai program ended in 2012, but it seems Red Ranger Ricardo liked to take his props home with him.


Sadly, this time Ricardo Medina Jr. didn’t use his swords to fight for what’s right, but to murder his roommate.


 He was fighting for truth, justice… and the desire to see those god damn dishes piled up in the sink washed by the end of the week!


Actually authorities aren’t sure yet what prompted the argument between Medina and his roommate, Joshua Sutter.

This former Red Power Ranger was seeing Red again on Saturday.

The Los Angeles County Sherriff’s office says that on Saturday the Ex-Power Ranger retreated to his own bedroom with his girlfriend.


That’s when the victim, Sutter forced his way into the room, prompting Medina to grab his sword he kept by the door, and stab Sutter through the stomach.


Medina called 911 himself and waited for the police to arrive who arrested him for murder after Sutter was pronounced dead at the hospital. His bail is set for one million dollars.

Source: TMZ

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