Someone Built A Summer Camp for Pot Smokers And It Looks Awesome

Now that marijuana is legal in two states, that means all sorts of weird and wonderful marijuana related services are bound to follow. There’s bound to be a ton of marijuana delivery services, pot vending machines and marijuana coffee shops because Starbucks needs to do something to get rid of their stockpile of inedible sandwiches. Someone in Colorado also founded the first legal summer camp in the country just for marijuana smokers.

Cannacamp located 30 miles outside of Durango, Colorado will open for business on July 1st and bills itself as the first outdoor resort in the country for people who like to “tune in, turn on and drop out” while they’re outdoors. The 170-acre camp won’t be allowed to dispense marijuana but they are allowing anyone with their own stash to join them in the woods and toke up where ever they please except their cabins because not even potheads can stand the smell of a pot-infused set of curtains. The craziest part is the Outdoor Activities are more than just eating Doritos before taking a nap. Rock climbing and zip-lining are actually offered. Awesome!

The camp appears to be just like any other outdoor camp except with a lot more marijuana use that’s not smoked behind a shed or when the counselors aren’t looking. They have all the usual staples like hiking, horseback riding and zip lining but they also offer cannabis infused activities such as “Cooking with Cannabis,” “Cannabis Yoga” and “Remember Your Name” (OK, we made that last one up).

Joel Schneider, the head of the management group that opened the camp, said they just want to provide legal smokers a place to toke up that’s in “a safe, comfortable, social environment.” He probably means outside the borders of Colorado and Washington.