Post Office Refuses To Give Cat Christmas Package Because It Can’t Show ID

It is Christmas time and that means all of your mail is going to arrive even later than it usually does because the entire postal system is flooded with holiday cards, presents and recycled fruitcakes that have been in circulation since the days of the Great Depression. Unfortunately, there’s one gift recipient who won’t be able to open their Christmas present because, well, they’re not a person at all. 

  • Ted, a tabby cat from Great Britain, received a present in the mail addressed specifically to him but the Royal Mail won’t give it to him because Ted doesn’t have any ID.
  • That’s right; Britain’s postal service is demanding a form of identification from a cat. Does its distinct scent marking count as a form of ID? 
  • The cat’s owner, Brittany Maher-Kirk, posted on Facebook that her mother sent a cat advent calendar to Ted and the service originally delivered it to her home. Unfortunately, they missed the delivery and have to pick it up at the post office but the office refuses to relinquish the package until Ted can prove he’s the real “Ted Maher-Kirk.”
  • Eventually, she got the package when she explained the situation and the postal employees realized that cats don’t have driver’s licenses.
  • Well, not anymore. Toonces ruined that privilege for cats around the world. 

Source: HuffPo