Woman Is Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests On Craigslist So You Can Keep Your Man

For some women this holiday season, they get the pleasure in knowing their boyfriend is sticking around through the holiday season, into the new year. For some men, they get the pleasure in stressing out because they think their crazy girlfriend is pregnant when in reality, she bought a positive pregnancy test off some stranger from Craigslist because that’s just what crazy women do.

In Oklahoma, a woman is selling a “positive pregnancy test for those of you who need a little help holding onto your man through the holidays” for only $20 each. Each? Ugh, that means they have a lot of them to ruin men across the state. $20 bucks isn’t too bad considering how much guilt money and Christmas presents your boyfriend will spend on you after you present this nightmare to him.

Apparently this woman on Craigslist isn’t the first person to come up with the idea of pregnancy holiday blackmail. It’s been reported that a few various Craigslist posts have also been made selling the same service to the chagrin of local authorities. Some of the posts even offer a bottle of urine as another option, writing “I will also be willing to bottle my urine if you need to seal the deal that way.” Good God. But, luckily for the guys who find out, they can actually press charges because it’s considered fraud or blackmail depending on what exactly occured.

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A local policeman spoke to a Kansas City news station covering the scam saying “If a married man is having an affair and he tried to break it off with the girl, and she became upset and decided to present this fake pregnancy test and demand money, otherwise she would tell the spouse. That would be a level of blackmail.” So, at least the guy’s can take solice knowing that once the “party” is over, they can show their ladies how clever it really was by putting them in jail.

This just made the women that don’t do this sort of thing to us that much more precious. God bless you, sane girls.

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source: KCTV